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    Happy New Year, oho wait..!  well let me take this opportunity to wish something bigger “Happy New Decade!” Writing a column at this onset can take two ways, either I write what happened during this year (or decade) or write what can happen in coming days within a length that does not test your reading patience. Daunting, isn’t it ? Talking about history does not make sense as I know, “the only thing we can learn from history is that we don’t learn anything from history” (Not my words).  

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    I will tell you about an incident that I came across this new year party. Two personalities meeting and greeting each other, one looks very tired, consumed and aged, the other one is enthusiastic, energetic and young. It is a farewell evening for one and welcome for the other.

    The aged one greets the younger “Hi buddy I am the decade 2001-10″, “It is a pleasure to meet you Sir ! I am your successor 2011-20″ replies the younger. 

    “I promise you to do far better than you did” says 2011-20 with sarcasm. 

    “Thats will be stupendous pal, hope you match your promise. Moreover, I promised the same to my predecessor 1991-00 and I do not know where do I stand on the verge of my retirement.” replies the 2001-10. 

    With an arrogant smile the other replies “At the abyss sir. What you have given during your tenure is just war, catastrophes, disputes, crisis and problems.” 

    “Buddy I have also given development, advancement and solution to long lasting problems. ” Says the older one with a sign of politeness hiding the anger. 

    “As long as I can see sir, from your very childhood you have given wars, killings and hatred that still continues. 2001 started with the twin tower incident and the after effects are still there. you had Iraq war, Afghanistan war, terrorism, climate change, economic crisis all sorts of problems. Who can rate you as a decade of achievements, you just carried the thousands of year civilization into a plunge.” Says 2011-20 aggressively.

    “But I also brought development see mars rovers, decoding life, internet use telecom technologies so many things. I also had the emerging powers at the world’s stage. The poverty reduced. And the negative things you are talking about was was in some way inherited from my predecessors.” Claims 2001-10 with anger

    “And thats why you aggravated these inheritances and passed on to me. You are providing me with a thorny couch and ask me to do better. But believe me, I am going to change it.” Shouts 2011-20

    This triggers the anger in the outgoing decade and is ready to lock horn with the upcoming decade. Before it could get worse, I interfere with a laughter. “Hi poor fellows you are fighting over an issue that is a folly. Well before I tell you further, let me introduce myself. I am a representative of the world, a human representative.”

    “Could you elaborate your intentions ?” says one of them 

    Yes off course my dear (with nefarious smile) I said. “I am here to tell your exact role. You guys are into some kind of illusion. What makes you believe that you control the world, you can take it on the course you like? Just wake up folks, its we who are on the driving seat. You are merely the witnesses. You can just feel the course we steer on, we create war make peace, we love we hate. If we want war we wage it, we create crisis and sometimes even disasters. You cant even close your eyes to avoid watching them, you are just witnesses and we keep the records of our deeds within you. So stop bandying with and grab a drink enjoy the evening. We need you for the future.”

    Their heads went down and I said 

    “Happy new year, happy new decade.. and went deeper into the party with my drink.”