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    Hello and Happy New Year

    I hope your new year hangover is already over and at least some of you are back to the work-desks, well at least I am. So how did you welcome the year of apocalypse (At least this is what ‘The Mayans’ predicted)? My welcome involved a dream, a dream on this new year eve and I share it here.

    Image Source: http://www.desirsdavenir31100.com/
    It was already late after celebration at 4.00 AM, got into sleep within half an hour. The first phase of dream started somewhere in Mexico. Well not the mexico today but the time when it was ruled by Mayans. I reached a place where a few people were engraving something. I asked them what are you doing folks? Their eyes were half asleep and a jar with some drink lying around, they started laughing at me. Don’t you see we are making a calendar, saying this the man fell to the ground and went into sleep, perhaps he had enough of the peyote drink. They all enjoyed it and poured over one more drink. They smiled, and then offered me a drink too and continued their work. By the time they reached the day Dec 21, 2012 they were too drunk to refrain from sleep. I finished my drink which is supposed to offer psychoactive effect, enlightened me and concluded why the Mayan calendar ends on 21st Dec, 2012. I thought of moving out from there.

    In the next stage of my dreams, I reached the set of movie 2012 before anyone, I saw sexy Beatrice Rosen and I thought of ignoring everyone else. But someone interfered (That someone was Roland Emmerich). I approached him and asked about the movie. He answered “it is a movie about the apocalypse in 2012″. I asked out of curiosity, “will it really happen?” He laughed and said who cares as long as it earns me big bucks. My next question was what if it really happens? He winked and said “thats fine I hope this movie earns me enough money to buy a ticket for the life saving ark”. I joined him in his humor with a smile and he got back to his work.

    I moved on to next destination. this time it was a meeting between politicians and scientific community. They were discussing about the possibilities of 2012 apocalypse and counter-measures. After the meeting representatives from both sides addressed the media. The scientist asked for more funds to perform their research and studies in this direction and the politicians agreed to it. The money was to be raised by imposing a new tax called apocalypse tax on tax payers.

    Suddenly a sweet voice tries to wake me up, oh it 12.30 PM, I know how to seal her lips that yell out sweet voices to wake me up, and pulled over the quilt. No distant thoughts, that sweet voice was my alarm. 

    Well till now I see no difference. Something like an apocalypse already started last year with revolutions and crisis. May be, by apocalypse the predictors meant these changes happening around.

    Any way, Happy New Year again