The Independence Day Column

Ok sir we could talk about some future plans that we have for the country. The premier looks amazed and pleased. But then he gets frustrated and complains-You have some plans, you did not tell me, no one tells me anything and now even you ! The secretary replies-No sir its not my plan it will be  your plan this time.  People of the country themselves don’t know what they want. They still get sectored based on religion, region, caste and several other ‘isms’. They want everything to be in order but when it comes to their own interest they breach everything. You need to show ‘em  the way around tell them how to get over these isms.  You are the elected leader of the country and you can work it out. The boss gets enthusiastic. The secretary continues- tell people to stop thinking in terms ‘isms’ and get over short term personal interests. Ask your fellow politicians to stop this kind of politics just using it in public speech won’t work. Get strict with corrupt politicians and officers, show them the way out. You are the most powerful person in the country, if you don’t take initiative then who will?