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6. Time-course Network Suit
A java based program to create time course network file suitable for visualization in Pajek or Cytoscape. The program is not a plugin for any of these and need to run independently. No GUI available

5. Bioinfo suit
A perl based suit for various bioinformatic operations from literature search to alignment and co-citation mapper and sequence property calculator (Protein and nucleic acids). No GUI available

4. Molecular Calculator
A java based tool to calculate eigen values and moment of inertia for small molecules and some other physical properties. No GUI available

3. HospMan
A commercial tool for hospital management with GUI. Developed with an objective to serve small and medium sized hospitals and clinics in terms of data management and billing.

2. fermentorDesigner
A command based command suit to calculate the required specification for a fermentor or heat exchanger. The program lacks a GUI. The calculation for specification are based on Perry's Handbook

1. Sensor Calibrator
A simple VB based tool to caliberate a biosensor (Opto electric). The tool was written as part of my Engineering project on designing biosensor and is specific to this biosensor