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Currently working at Microsoft Research Lab (Computational and Systems Biology) as a Researcher. My work focuses on developing computational models for human systems. Current projects on Semi-supervised clustering, Systems inference and modeling and Microbiota-Host-Nutrition modeling.
I completed my doctoral research project under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Holger Fröhlich at the department of Algorithmic Bioinformatics (Bonn-Aachen International Center for IT , Bonn). The research was funded via the B-IT Research School, Bonn by the government of Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW), Germany. The area I am investigating is about "Reverse Engineering of Biological Networks and Network Modeling from High Throughput Data"
My previous affliation has been with Fraunhofer, Institute for Scientific Computing and Algorithms , Sankt Augustin (Germany) where I worked under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Martin Hofmann-Apitius. My work there included network modeling and analysis for the purpose of understanding pathology and etiology of diseases.

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